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Guess and Test Your Condom Size

To get started, if you want to experience MISTER SIZE right away, feel free to estimate your condom size.

If you come across MISTER SIZE in a shop, the middle dark blue bar on the pack will help you to estimate your condom size.

Just 3 steps to success!

01. View

Take a good look at the bar on the condom box.

02. Estimate

Picture in your mind your penis when it's stiff.  Ask yourself, “is it about the same width?”

03. Enjoy

If yes, congratulations! You have found your personal condom size and are ready to go. If no, take a different sized pack and start again from step 01.

PS: Please refrain from actually comparing your penis to the pack in the store. This would be unhygienic and could get you into trouble. Instead of physical work, real mental work is required here.

So that you can try it out in peace, we recommend one of our practical Test Packs that contain three different, but similar sizes. You should be able to feel which condom size is right for you.

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