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For him

“My Personal Size, My Natural Feeling!“

Discover your perfect condom size with MISTER SIZE. The perfect fit combined with the extra thin material allows for a more intense, sensual and pleasurable sexual experience.

Don’t settle for anything less!

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For both of you

“We can let ourselves go and have the time of our lives.”

Individually sized condoms that are as unique as your love life. With Mister Size your sex will be more exciting and safer than ever before.

Feel the difference now!

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For her

“My head is in the clouds during sex, not on protection”

Providing you with a sense of safety and confidence, Mister Size’s secure and measured fit allows you to fully relax and bask in the most beautiful thing in the world.

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"With the right size, I finally have more self-confidence in bed. Thank you, MISTER SIZE."

Fabio M. - 29 years old, from Berlin

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Brand New:

The Mister Sizer

Find your personal condom size in seconds - for great and safe sex

The 4 MISTER SIZE Principles

At MISTER SIZE, we always value the high quality of our products. That is why it is a personal concern of ours to always produce to the highest standards.

Find out more about the 4 principles of MISTER SIZE

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With our seven sizes, everyone will find the right condom that fits.

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Pure feeling

The extra thin material ensures an intense skin-on-skin like feeling.

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High quality

Our products and materials are tested and certified.

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The perfect fit and use of first-class materials only ensure a high level of safety.

What We Believe In

At MISTER SIZE, regardless of shape and size, we want to make it possible for everyone to have the best sex of their life. That is why we have developed a product that is as unique as you.

Amazing Sex for everyone!

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MISTER SIZE – This condom fits you!

Despite there being a vast range of condoms, did it honestly ever feel good straight away? How many times have you had trouble putting on a condom? What did the sex feel like when the condom was loose or too tight and constricted? Or despite it fitting, was there still displeasure and some kind of annoyance? With MISTER SIZE, that's all in the past. We've developed a condom that really fits you and feels like a second skin. MISTER SIZE gives you the full pleasure of sex without the unpleasant feeling that there is still something between you.

Standard was yesterday - today it's you that matters

Every one of us is unique - you can see that at first glance. And our specific characteristics don't end just below the belt. Just like you always buy shoes in your own personal size, we believe you should be able to do this with condoms. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to carrying out substantial amounts of research, testing and development. You get MISTER SIZE in an ultra-thin fitting and in seven special condom sizes that finally do justice to the diversity of the male genitals. So, forget the standard and now treat yourself to a condom that supports you instead of disturbing you. Get to know your individual size right away.

The origin of MISTER SIZE

We carefully listened and incorporated lots of feedback and suggestions from different people and have now gone one step further. We have greatly improved the fit of our condoms and were also able to reduce the thickness to 0.05 mm. With MISTER SIZE, there is only a very thin layer of latex between you during sex. A layer that no longer separates you, but instead unites you with the feeling of safety and the most beautiful thing in the world. Enjoy these benefits!

Learn more about MISTER SIZE

Would you like to know more about us? Here you can find out what really makes our brand special, our basic principles and what we believe in.