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A condom as unique as its wearer

Three Mister Size condom packaging
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The extra thin material ensures an intense feeling.

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The perfect fit and first-class materials ensure high safety.

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With our 7 sizes, everyone can find the condom that really fits them.

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Our products and materials are tested and certified.


What we believe in!

At MISTER SIZE, we want to give everyone the best sex of their lives, no matter what shape they are in. That is why we have developed a product that is as unique as its wearer.

Amazing Sex for everyone!

What our customers say

The measuring tape and the sample packs made it really easy to find the ideal size for my boyfriend. Since then, we've never used any other condom in bed. ;-)

Sonja, 30

My penis is rather slim. With Mister Size, I have found a condom that fits as well as a tailor-made suit. I can concentrate fully on my performance and don't have to worry about it slipping off.

Amir, 24

The condoms are nice and thin and have a subtle smell. The fact that they fit perfectly makes me feel mega-safe and I can finally let go during sex. I am thrilled.

Alex, 35


The condom that really fits you

This is how it works

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Carefully cut out the printed tape measure along the dotted line.

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Carefully place the tape around the thickest part of your stiff penis. Using the markings, you can now read your personal size recommendation.

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Perfect! Now you have found your ideal condom size and can enjoy completely carefree sex in the future.

Find the right size! Here you can find more measurement options.

Explore measurement possibilities

It felt like I was not wearing a condom


Advantages for him

The search for the perfect match also applies when it comes to contraception: if you've been dissatisfied with condoms so far, you probably just haven't found the right partner for your best piece yet. With MISTER SIZE in your personal size, there's no pinching, tedious unrolling or other unpleasant side effects. You will hardly notice it and the feeling during sex is unusually intense. At the same time, of course, it protects you reliably and gives you a safe feeling - so you can let yourself go completely.

Want to know more? Our testers tell us about their experiences.

♂ Read the experiences of our testers

We can let ourselves go - and have the fun of our lives

Sex is especially great when both take responsibility together and then give themselves to each other with a good feeling. Mister Size gives you the ideal opportunity to do this - because with its ultra-thin and barely noticeable layer, the condom now no longer stands between you, but rather becomes a unique connection. So you can both feel safe and enjoy sex in all its intensity.

Curious? We've had couples test - here they tell us about their experiences.

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My head is in the clouds during sex, not contraception

Are you tired of being solely responsible for contraception as a woman? With MISTER SIZE you no longer need to feel guilty if you have consciously decided against the pill or other contraceptives. Your husband, boyfriend or lover is always perfectly equipped - and there is no longer any reason against the condom.

PS: If you don't know your lover's size yet, just take our trial pack and the Condom Sizer. This will give you an unexpected icebreaker for the beginning of a wonderful love affair.

Want to know more? Our testers have a lot to tell.

♀ Read testimonials from women

Mister Size Get out of your routine

Good sex does not have to be perfect

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The pill - really equality in sex?

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Condoms and lubricant: this is how sex goes like clockwork

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Try something new

Mister Size - This condom fits you!

The choice of condoms is almost huge, but if you're honest: Where did it feel good right away? How often did you have trouble putting the condom on? How did sex feel when the condom was loose or too tight and constricting? Or did it fit, but it still bothered you a bit? With MISTER SIZE all that is history. We have developed a condom that really fits you. It fits like a second skin, finally giving you the full feeling during sex. Without the uneasy feeling that there is still something between you.

With the vision "Excellence in Condoms", our creative team at Vinergy is continuously working to make condoms even better - even more sensual. Our claim: Sex with a condom should be as good as without! We are committed to this every day. After almost 20 years of passion and experience with condoms in the right size, we have therefore launched Mister Size. MISTER SIZE is the condom that looks like a condom, that protects like a condom - but that does not feel at all like a conventional condom when in use. Why? Because men and women feel almost nothing at all. But not only the vanishingly small thickness is a noticeable pleasure gain: MISTER SIZE is available in seven different sizes - every man's best piece is, after all, also quite individual.

You want to know more about Mister Size? ... then take a look at this page.

You can find out how to determine your condom size here.

No, almost no contraceptive is 100% safe. The safety of contraceptive methods is calculated according to the Pearl Index. Condoms have a Pearl Index of 2-12, which means that out of 100 women who use condoms for one year, 2 to 12 will become pregnant. Compared to other contraceptives, the condom thus performs rather poorly. In most cases, this is due to application errors. You can find out more about correct use here. However, when it comes to protection against STIs such as HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, a condom offers a high level of protection.

Condoms are mostly made of rubber-like materials, the vast majority of which are latex. They are used during sex to protect against unwanted pregnancies and STIs and are pulled over the erect penis before sexual intercourse. Apart from sterilization, the condom is the only means of contraception for men.

Condoms per se have no side effects. However, if you have a latex allergy, they can trigger an allergic reaction. About 2% of people suffer from a latex allergy. Therefore, there are also latex-free condoms.

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