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MISTER SIZE 47 three packs
MISTER SIZE 47 three packsMISTER SIZE 47 (36 condoms)MISTER SIZE 47 (10 condoms)MISTER SIZE 47 (3 condoms)MISTER SIZE 47 back of the package

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- the condom for the slim and sporty penis.


  • slender fit for sensitive sex
  • non-slip and secure fit — even for rather narrow penises
  • ultra-thin (0.05 mm wall thickness) - for pure intensity
  • transparent & smooth
  • made of natural rubber latex
  • nominal width of 47 mm

MISTER SIZE 47 is available in the following package sizes:

3 condoms
10 condoms
36 condoms

You can buy MISTER SIZE 47 quickly and easily at the following shops:

Slender & Sporty - MISTER SIZE 47

The MISTER SIZE 47 is the smallest of our seven sizes. However, this certainly does not need to be in any way awkward for you. The more slender penis actually enables more flexibility during sex and can give you the greatest feelings; especially with the right preparation. Your personal condom is like a tailor-made suit for special occasions — everything fits perfectly and you can be at your best. From now on you can enjoy this feeling in all your love-making experiences.

Your Condom Size for More Feeling

Many men have had negative experiences with condoms, which is usually down to the wrong size. Once you have found your ideal and personal condom size, you will immediately feel the difference. Everything will fit perfectly and you can concentrate on the most beautiful thing in the world.

MISTER SIZE - 7 Condom Sizes for Better Sex

Our MISTER SIZE condoms are available in seven different sizes; from 47 mm to 69 mm wide. You can easily find out which condom size will best fit you by using either our MISTER SIZE Smart, the MISTER SIZE Measuring Tape or the practical MISTER SIZER. Try them out now.

So that you can experiment a bit at the beginning, we also recommend one of our Test Packs which contain three different but adjacent sizes: 47, 49 and 53. If you have already experienced MISTER SIZE, you can of course go right ahead and order just the size that is best for you.

MISTER SIZE 47 Comes in Three Packet Sizes

You can get your MISTER SIZE 47 condoms in three different packet sizes:

  • 3 pieces - to try out in the field
  • 10 pieces - for your following nights of love
  • 36 pieces – a stockpile for optimists and smart shoppers

Of course, you can order as many packs as you like, depending on how you are going to spend the next weeks and months.

Proven Quality

MISTER SIZE gives you a whole new feeling during sex while at the same time offering optimal safety. All our MISTER SIZE condoms comply with DIN standard EN ISO 4074:2002 and are subject to careful testing. Having a condom with optimal safety breeds confidence and certainty which allows you both to totally relax and let go during love-making. You can learn more about our quality standards in our four basic principles.

MISTER SIZE condoms are not only available in 7 different sizes, so that every man can find his perfect partner when it comes to contraception. They are also thinner and therefore more sensitive than conventional condoms.


Nominal width: 47 mm

Length: 160 mm

Wall thickness (condom thickness): 0.05 mm

Color: transparent

Shape: cylindrical, ideal fit and easy rolling, with reservoir

Lubricant: extra wet

vegan: yes

Proven Quality

Dermatologically tested and 100% electronically checked

Certification: CE 0120 / ISO 4074

You can find more about our quality standards in our four basic principles.

EAN in stores:

Pack of 3: 4260605480010
Pack of 10: 4260605480027
Pack of 36: 4260605480034

The main component of MISTER SIZE condoms is latex. This is obtained from the rubber tree and is therefore a purely natural product, which, in addition to rubber, mainly consists of water, but also in small parts of resins, proteins and minerals.

Only first-class natural rubber latex from carefully selected suppliers is used for the production of MISTER SIZE condoms. The latex mixture also consists of other ingredients that are responsible for good elasticity, reliable tear resistance and the pleasantly neutral odor.

Complete list of ingredients for MISTER SIZE condoms:

  • Cis-1,4-polyisoprene (natural rubber latex)
  • Zinc Diethyldithiocarbamate (accelerator)
  • Phenol, 4-methyl-, reaction products with Dicyclopentadiene and Isobutene (antioxidant)
  • Zinc Dibutyldithiocarbamate (accelerator)
  • Zinc Oxide (vulcanization activator)
  • Sulphur (vulcanizing agent)
  • Potassium hydroxide (soap)
  • Fatty alcohol (soap)

Information in accordance with the Product Safety Regulation (EU) 2023/988

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