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About Us

MISTER SIZE - Your ideal buddy for better sex

Sex can and should be allowed to be perfect. That's why MISTER SIZE helps to create the ideal conditions that generate beautiful and intense moments in their full flavour. Here you can now learn more about our basic principles and why we fully believe in MISTER SIZE.

The 4 MISTER SIZE Principles

At MISTER SIZE, we always value the high quality of our products. That is why it is a personal concern of ours to always produce to the highest standards.

Find out more about the 4 principles of MISTER SIZE

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With our seven sizes, everyone will find the right condom that fits.

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Pure feeling

The extra thin material ensures an intense skin-on-skin like feeling.

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High quality

Our products and materials are tested and certified.

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The perfect fit and use of first-class materials only ensure a high level of safety.

What We Believe In

At MISTER SIZE, regardless of shape and size, we want to make it possible for everyone to have the best sex of their life. That is why we have developed a product that is as unique as you.

Amazing Sex for everyone!


Up until now, the condom was kind of a chore to protect yourself and your partner from communicable diseases and in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy - but good old rubber was generally considered to be a pleasure killer. We at Vinergy started looking for the perfect fitting condom without restricting the pleasure experience. The result is MISTER SIZE, the condom as a lust killer is a thing of the past.

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Our Creed - Great Sex for Everyone!

Sex is relaxing, sex is joyful, sex brings pleasure and makes you happy. With sex, almost everything gets better; that's why we think that every person deserves great sex. Not just once, but each and every time. Unnecessary obstacles have to go, but we do need simple contraceptive methods that come without the worries or annoying side effects. That is why we believe in MISTER SIZE —it makes exactly that possible.