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The right condom size - that's why it's worth remeasuring

Have you always felt that condoms bother you and take away some of the feeling? Then we have great news for you: it's not the condom in general, but rather the choice of condom and its size. Once you've found the right one for you, you'll hardly feel any difference and can finally fully enjoy sex even with a rubber.

Perfect fit instead of senseless dick comparison

It is no longer a secret that good sex does not depend on size. That's why your size is important for MISTER SIZE - but only so that you are perfectly matched for the next lovemaking session. With the right size, your best piece and the ultra-thin condom form a unit that finally makes you completely forget that it's there at all. No more uneasy feeling, just great sex.

Determining your condom size is easy!

Before you order your first pack of MISTER SIZE, you should of course first find out your personal condom size. We have developed three very simple methods for you:

Dark stripe on Mister Size packaging

Dark stripe on the package

You can also easily estimate your suitable condom size by the dark stripe on our packages, the width is analogous to the condom size on each package different. If your erect penis is as wide as the stripe, then this condom size probably fits you.

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Tape measure icon

MISTER SIZE measuring tape - remeasure like at the tailor of your confidence

If you prefer to measure the classic way, simply print out our MISTER SIZE measuring tape. Cut it out and place it carefully around your stiff penis. Then you can easily read off your personal condom size.

Caution: When printing, please select "none" for the page adjustment, so that the tape measure is printed true to scale.

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Condom Sizer

Condom Sizer - the size specialist for your best piece

Are you more into real tools that are made for the job? Then our Condom Sizer is the measuring device of your choice. With the practical tool in check card format, you can determine your individual size in no time and completely accurately. And from now on you can concentrate on the essentials during sex: Hot moments in seamless connection.

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Of course also as a woman ...

Condoms don't have to be just for men. If you prefer to prepare well before your dates or want to do something good for your sweetheart, you can of course measure just as well. It's best if you have our practical trial pack with you - so you can get started right away.

Seven condom sizes - and one of them is yours

Have you already measured? Then it's time for your personal condom. MISTER SIZE is available in seven different versions and you now know which one will be your new companion from now on. So no matter if your suitable condom is 47 mm, 60 mm or even 69 mm - from now on you will be able to enjoy your sex with a condom much better. So equip yourself right now and then off to the next cuddle marathon on the couch or off to the next adventure.