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Condoms and lubricants – Poetry in Motion Sex

Is the lubricant always on-hand for when things get cuddly? If not, what's going on, because the slippery aid gives your sex life a nice little boost.
Whoever says "I don't need it, it just works fine without", has probably never tried it before and hasn't considered there just might be a better feeling available. So, take the opportunity to make your sex even smoother and just glide into warm pleasure in the truest sense of the word and fully enjoy wild frantic sex without anything having to feel sore the next day. On top of that, there is a practical advantage too: sex with a condom becomes even safer.

Why do condoms and lubricants fit together perfectly? What should you pay attention to? Discover the answers in the following short article.

Why Lubricants and condoms Form a Great Partnership

I guess you have already noticed that condoms are usually covered with a thin layer of lubricant? There's a good reason for this: despite their durability, they are sensitive to too much friction and in the worst case, they can tear, if not sufficiently lubricated. But don't worry, it doesn’t usually get to this point, because sex when not sufficiently lubricated (either naturally or through lubricant), simply becomes extremely unpleasant when the vagina is too dry: and I really think you both would quickly notice this.

So, condoms and lubricants get along perfectly with each other and together they create the optimal conditions for carefree, intensive sex. To make the most of this, simply put the condom on and carefully apply a little lubricant - no need to go crazy with the lube because the condom already has a thin layer which is enough for the most sexual experiences, but with a little more lube, everything just slips even better. If you then wish, you are ready to go deeper and a little harder without having to worry. As long as you've put the condom on properly and everything's wet, your condom won’t let you down.

Sufficient lubricant is an absolute prerequisite for anal sex, because there is no naturally produced moisture or lubricant, unlike in the vagina. The condom also provides reliable protection against the bacteria present in the intestine, which can otherwise quickly lead to cystitis. Due to this, it is extremely important to always replace the condom when changing from anal to vaginal sex.

Insider tip: a drop of lubricant into the condom
To further enhance the feeling for the man, simply put a small drop of lubricant into the condom. Just a little bit so the condom firmly keeps in place. It's worth it.

Condoms Love Dieting - Which Lubricants You Should Avoid

If you just want to remember what you shouldn't use in together with condoms, memorize the following motto: “Condoms love dieting”. Anything that contains fat doesn't mix very well with latex and other alternative condom materials and should be avoided due to an increased risk of tearing. This includes a lot of ideas you might come up with when you're looking around for lubricants: like massage and baby oil, Vaseline, butter (yes, it has been known) and much more. That's why you should also be careful and make sure that the condom does not come into contact with the oil after massaging and warming each other up. Alternatively, you should use a safe massage gel that can also be used as a sexual lubricant.
To be on the safe side, the best thing to do when buying lubricant is to look on the pack for information such as "condom compatible" or "suitable for condoms". These are usually water-based products, but silicone-based lubricants can also be suitable.

Wide Choice - The Right Lubricants for Condoms

The range of condom compatible lubricants is pretty big. You can surely find the exact product that gives you the best feeling during sex. Basically, you have the following possibilities:

Water-based lubricant - with various special features
These lubricants are the most common because they are very easy to use and there is hardly anything to pay attention to. There is a huge selection of different brands and as well as the normal lubricants there are also products with special features: for example, warming and stimulating lubricant. Also, there are the practical 2 in 1 gels, which you can use for both massaging and as a sexual lubricant.
A slight disadvantage of water-based lubricants is that they do not stay moist as long as the silicone-based lubricants. That's why it’s important to keep the tube or bottle on-hand during your lengthier love sessions.

Silicone-based lubricating gel - keeps moist for a long time
Silicone-based lubricants feel more like massage oils. They are not quite as slippery as the water-based products, but do keep moist for longer and are often perceived as more pleasant on the skin. If you include sex toys in your love-making, you should take particular care, as silicone oil is not compatible with silicone toys.
Useful Tip! You can usually use silicone-based lubricant as a substitute for a general lubricating oil, for example when your bicycle chain needs to be re-oiled.

We recommend to try a number of different gels and then decide which one you like best for each situation.

Where is The Best Place to Buy Lubricating Gel?

If you need a supply of lubricants immediately, there is usually a good selection at your drugstore or supermarket. If you have a couple of days in-hand, we recommend you check out and order through our partner shop Vinico - there you will find all your favourites and can choose from a range of over 150 condom-friendly lubricants.  Also, it goes without saying, you can get your MISTER SIZE condoms from there too.