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Our tips about condoms

MISTER SIZE offers you numerous tips about the use of condoms, your penis and other related topics.

Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum bei Kondomen von Mister Size
Our tips about condoms

Shelf life of condoms - all important information

What is the shelf life of condoms? What is the minimum shelf life date all about? Find out all the important information now.

Paar im Sommer am Strand
Our tips about condoms

Summer sex tips: 7 ways to have sensational sex this Summer

Summer has finally arrived bringing with it sunshine, summer glow and scorching summer sex. With the temperature soaring, here are 7 summer sex tips to help you have sensational sex this summer.

Kondom Anwendung
Our tips about condoms

Use of condoms

What should I bear in mind when using condoms? Here are the most important tips before you use condoms.

Sommerurlaub mit Koffer
Our tips about condoms

The Top 12 Condoms in other languages

The summer holiday can come, with our list you are perfectly prepared for every hot flirt even on holiday.

Geplatztes Kondom über Kaktus stecken geblieben
Our tips about condoms

Condom stuck, slipped off or burst? That's what to do!

The condom slipped off, burst or got stuck in the vagina? Here you can find out what to do and how to prevent it in the future.

Our tips about condoms

Sex vs. Corona - 7 tips against lockdown boredom

Corona lockdown can be nice and all, but what if it should get a little heated? Level up your love life with these 7 sex tips.

Our tips about condoms

One like no one - what the different penis shapes are all about

Every penis is different. But what forms are there actually? And what do they say about the man? Here you can find out everything you need to know.

Our tips about condoms

Put the condom on properly - how to do it without it being annoying

Do you want to do everything right the first time? Or see how putting the condom on is even easier? Check out our quick guide with cool tips.

Verliebtes Paar mit Wunderkerzen zu Neujahr
Our tips about condoms

The 12 best erotic New Year's resolutions

With these 12 ideas, you can kick-start your sex life over the next 12 months. Just pick one idea per month!

Our tips about condoms

No matter how big or small - I love my penis

Body positivity is a great thing for men as well. No more worrying and comparing, just love your penis. You have every reason to do so. Find out why here.

Gleitgel wird über eine Banane laufen gelassen, die von einer Hand gehalten wird
Our tips about condoms

Condoms and lubricants – How to find the best for you

Is the lubricant always on-hand for when things get cuddly? If not, it better be! How this slippery aid can give your sex life a nice little boost.