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Sex vs. Corona - 7 tips against lockdown boredom

The corona virus and its consequences are taking a toll on us right now. Not only where the action is (big respect & thanks to all the people in the hospitals and in retail!), but also socially. Because suddenly not going to work (yeah!), not meeting friends (hmpf) and best not going out at all, if it is not absolutely necessary (whoops) ... That is reasonable and important, without any question! But also quite exhausting. Tempers are tense, Facebook and Instagram have already been scrolled through at least twice (just leave me alone with the fourth son!) and in the partnership we have now talked more to each other in a week than in the last few years put together. But we don't really feel like having sex either. So it's high time to do something about it - with our seven sex tips against lockdown boredom:

Happy experimenting - with sex toys ...

Maybe you're one of those couples who ordered a few sex toys, restraints or even a love swing out of curiosity. But by now, those lead a life as exciting as your Aaron Carter CDs and old tax documents: laying somewhere in a drawer or in the basement in a cardboard box. Now is the perfect opportunity to unpack them again and discover their full potential. So just use the extra time for some fun experiments with your toys. Because in addition to joyful excitement in a joint trying mood, there are directly pleasant-warm climaxes. And they do particularly well in the lockdown.

Get inspired - by podcasts about sex

In addition to Netflix, YouTube and others, podcasts are a good idea to pass the boredom. Of course, this also applies to everything to do with sex - for example, with the "Oh, Baby". podcast by Isa and Maya. Just try out a few shows and see which ones suit you. The great thing is that the podcasts are not only inspiring and give you new ideas. They generally make you more open about talking about sex. Who knows, maybe listening to them together will even bring out one or two desires for which the time was just never right before. With a subsequent test drive, if you both feel like it.

Try new sex positions - to stay fit & balanced

When we're suddenly sitting at home a lot more than usual due to lockdown, it's easy to get grumpy from the pent-up energy. So how about a bit of sport to balance out the movement? This is not only possible with fitness and yoga exercises, but also with the right sex positions. Some of them are really good for the muscles and push the condition. For example, what do you think of standing sex or the "passionate wheelbarrow"? Or simply try out a new position from the Kamasutra every day. Now is the ideal time for it and you do your body something good twice.

Eating each other out - at the "Dirty Dinner"

When was the last time you had a romantic dinner - really with tingles in the stomach and goose bumps, while the conversations slowly become more and more intimate? That's still possible today and from home! Okay, pasta dishes might be a little difficult right now, but as they say: Necessity is the mother of invention. And if not, there are plenty of great ideas on recipe sites like

And so that your romantic date quickly picks up speed, make a "dirty dinner" out of it: dress seductively, steer the conversation as often as possible in an erotic direction, get as close as possible. Enjoy playing with fire and don't worry if something could be embarrassing. Then you just laugh about it together, which can also be beautiful. And when you finally feel like dessert, just snack on each other.

Enjoy sex without touching - with phone sex, chats & video calls

When you can't see each other as a couple, the social distancing hurts twice as much. But there is a remedy for enjoying a few pleasurable moments anyway. For example, good old-fashioned phone sex, which unfortunately has the unjustified reputation of being a sleazy nighttime TV commercial. Because it can not only be really hot, but also promotes the closeness in the partnership. Or you can take advantage of the pleasures of the digital world and set up a video call. Even pure chats can still be very stimulating, because then your imagination is called for and you have some time to get creative while texting. Enjoy these moments when touching each other is forbidden. Because you will see: When the wait is finally over and you can see each other again, the sex will be even more explosive than usual.

Even if you live together, phone sex and hot chats via messenger apps can be an enrichment. Whether it's between the kitchen and bedroom, study and living room, or maybe from the garden or balcony, it's entirely up to you. Just try it out! And the best thing about it: If you can't stand it anymore, you don't have to wait, but can go straight to the physical part.

Rather get started right away? - Then act out porn!

You can't think of much right now, texting isn't your thing anyway and you'd rather get started right away? Then look for a few porn movies on the web that you can reenact. This can be super funny, but also pretty hot, if you pick out the right movies for you. Maybe directly with a few inspirations for your love swing!

Just be careful: As you probably know, real love life looks quite a bit different than in porn. And what looks so easy on the screen, can sometimes go down south in reality. That's why it's best to only pick things that you can laugh about together if they go wrong.

Let chance decide - with love dice or an app

You know those love dice that decide what you have to do next? And you've always thought of them more as a funny gadget that no one really needs? Well, now it's time to give them a try after all. Because it can actually be quite stimulating to be told what to do in this way. And never knowing what (or who - hihi) is coming. You will be surprised. And when things get really hot, you can quickly leave the love dice aside and take over the direction yourself.

If you don't have any dice at hand, you can try apps like "SexRoulette" or "Sex games for couples". You'll have a bit more range and you can set preferences. Just see what you like best.

Have our sex tips made you curious? Then go ahead and enjoy sensual and exciting moments! Let us know what your favorite ideas are. And if you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to send us an email to info(at)mister-size(dot)com. We are very excited!

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