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Putting on a condom properly - how to do it without being a pain in the ass

Maybe you know the feeling: That you just started getting it on in the middle of the love frenzy and tore off your clothes - and now comes this stupid pause to put on the condom. There's no way around it, of course. After all, it can be quite a pleasure killer if you already have to think about an unwanted pregnancy or even STDs during sex. So take this moment and put on the condom. How this can be done as easily as possible without ruining your desire, you can find out here in our brief instructions with useful tips.

Putting on a condom step by step

With our step-by-step instructions, putting on a condom will be easy as pie and you can get right back to the hot part:

  1. Taking instructions seriously

    "Putting on a condom is easy as pie - anyone can do it." Think again! In fact, there are plenty of little mistakes you can make, and you certainly don't want the consequences. Therefore, please take these and other instructions seriously and follow the advice. In return, you will have good sex without worrying about unwanted "side effects".

  2. Open the condom package carefully

    Let's assume that the still securely closed condom is already ready on hand on the bedside cabinet, the kitchen table or the dashboard. Now take it and carefully open the package. Tearing open the condom is very easy thanks to the serration all around and without any force or tools (NEVER use scissors, knives or similar!). Please be careful if you have sharp fingernails or anything else that could damage the condom. Of course, it must be 100% intact for use.

  3. Take out the condom & hold it the right way round

    Now carefully pull the condom out of the package and check in which direction it has to be unrolled. To do this, you can hold it with your thumb and forefinger at the tip in the middle and pull very lightly on the outer ring. The condom must be unrolled outwards in any case.

  4. Put on & unroll gently

    If you have then figured out which is the outside, hold the condom at the tip and put it - almost like a small hat - on the tip of the penis. With uncircumcised penises, the foreskin is retracted so that the condom always rests on the glans. Now press the tip together with your thumb and index finger so that there is no air in the tip, and gently unroll the condom to the end. This should go quite easily - otherwise see No-Gos - until the condom is completely unrolled and covers the penis all the way to the shaft.

  5. Have fun!

    Now you're ready for some wonderful moments together. Enjoy the sex! And in case it doesn't slip right away, add some lubricant. This not only feels better, but also protects the condom from friction.

  6. After sex, carefully pull out the penis with the condom.
    After orgasm, you should not take too much time, because otherwise the penis becomes flaccid and the condom can easily slip off. It is best to simply hold the condom at the bottom of the ring and carefully pull out the penis. Afterwards, you can tie the condom so that no sperm leaks out and dispose of it in the residual waste. If you now want to cuddle a little, you can do so in peace and with a clear conscience.

Did you know?

Condoms have another pretty cool advantage besides protecting you from pregnancy and disease: there's no mess in bed, on the couch, in the car, or wherever you're having fun. Not only does this save time cleaning up, but depending on the location, it can be super convenient (for example, if you don't want anyone to see anything). It's also much more convenient for many women because they don't have to go to the bathroom right away.

No-Gos when putting on a condom.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, there are a few things you should avoid at all costs. Most of them probably sound obvious to you. Nevertheless, it is good and useful to be aware of the no-gos once again:

Old or damaged condoms

Condoms with expired expiration dates, condoms that have been squeezed in your wallet or left in the heat for too long, etc. do not belong on your penis, but in the residual waste. Therefore, please make sure that both the condom and the package are absolutely undamaged before you use them. Before opening, also check that there is still air in the pack and that it cannot be squeezed out. Otherwise, there will be a hole or tear and the condom will no longer be safe.

Massage oil & greasy lubricants

Condoms hate grease! Because in combination with oil, vaseline, butter (yes, there are actually people who try that ...) etc. they become porous and dissolve in no time. Therefore, please use only lubricant and massage gel, which is also intended for use with condoms and where it is expressly stated on the package. Therefore, also be careful when massaging before sex - because usually you still have oil on your hands and body afterwards. The same applies if you have applied cream to your hands beforehand.

Also check out our guide to lubricant and condoms!

Condom too small or too big

If you almost have to use force to get the condom put over your penis with difficulty, then it's time for a pit stop. In fact, in such situations the condom is often simply too small, because you have not yet found the right size for your best piece. You can easily make up for that - with our MISTER SIZER, a measuring tape or our app. But for now, make sure you receive pleasure in other ways (e.g. with the hands or mouth). Because sex with a condom that doesn't actually fit can quickly backfire. With the right size, on the other hand, it can be unrolled quite easily and then also sits really comfortably. Well prepared, you can then really enjoy sex the next time.

Get started inexperienced

If you have never put on a condom before, please practice a few times to be sure. Using up a few condoms is still cheaper than the morning-after pill. Or your partner already has experience and can take over.

The same applies to special features like putting on the condom by mouth: Only do what you really know how to do and can do without any risk for you.

Sperm covered fingers on the condom

If you have sperm on your fingers and touch the outside of the condom with them, protection is over, of course. Therefore, please make sure that you have clean hands. And also when unrolling - when the penis is already a little wet - that no liquid gets on the fingers and on the outside of the condom. If in doubt, wash your hands briefly. And if something goes wrong, just use a new condom.

Use condoms several times

After use, the condom belongs in the trash and must not be used again under any circumstances. Of course, you also need a new condom if you put it on the wrong way around and it automatically comes into contact with sperm. So once again for safety's sake: As soon as the condom is opened, it must be used in the intended sense. And after that, throw it in the garbage can.

Unconsidered anal sex

If the fun is about to to go through the back door, this is only possible with appropriate preparation, a suitable condom and sufficient lubricant. Otherwise, it will not only be painful and possibly the last adventure of this kind - the risk is otherwise simply great that the condom tears due to friction. And that's something you want to avoid at all costs. So prepare yourself well and then off you go into the tingling experience.

Tips for more eroticism

Unfortunately, the fact that the “condom moment” interrupts your love adventure for a moment cannot be completely avoided. But that doesn't mean that you have to let it bother you. Instead, you can consciously incorporate putting on the condom in your foreplay by celebrating it as a special moment. For example, the man does not have to lend a hand himself, but is "prepared" by his partner for the big show. In this way you turn a lust killer into an erotic ritual that gets you going even further.

Many men also find it quite hot when their partner puts on the condom with their mouth. It may be worthwhile for you to practice this beforehand. But it is nice and relaxed even without such peculiarities. So just do what you feel good about.

And now have fun "practicing"!