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Contraceptive methods for men: These new & old are available

What contraceptive methods and contraceptives are actually available for men? And what are their advantages and disadvantages? That's exactly what you'll find out in this article! Besides the well-known methods such as condoms and vasectomy, you will also get to know at least 3 new contraceptives, which you may not have known yet and which are still being developed at the moment.

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Condoms: The safe classics

Pearl index of condoms: 2 - 12

Condoms are the classics and the most widely used hormone-free male contraceptive on the market worldwide. You can buy them easily and almost everywhere in many different sizes, shapes and colors. But still, unfortunately, that doesn't mean we automatically always have one on hand when we need it.

Especially if you are one of those particularly spontaneous people, this could spoil your fun.

Basically, condoms are small, handy and easy to use, even when things get really hot. Unfortunately, the rubbers can be perceived as very annoying, especially in these moments, because it can cause an unpleasant pause.

Whereby we are convinced that with the right tips, even putting on a condom can become hot fun.

The biggest advantage of condoms is that they also protect you from many other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

These include STIs such as:

  • HIV & Aids
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B
  • HPV (human papillomavirus)
  • Chlamydia

Especially if you ejaculate quite fast at the moment, condoms are your perfect friend and helper. If you use condoms with thicker walls and possibly anesthetic lubricant, you will be able to enjoy sex longer.

But all this always assumes that you have measured the right condom size and also use it. Otherwise, the condom can slip off, feel uncomfortable and even burst more easily.

Advantages of condoms

Disadvantages of condoms

Small and handy

Not necessarily always at hand

Easy to use

Can burst or slip off if used incorrectly

Easy to buy anywhere

Running costs

Also protects against other diseases (STI'S) such as HIV, HPV or syphilis

Can be uncomfortable if incorrectly sized


Covering is often considered annoying

Much feeling


Can prolong sex


Very safe when handled and stored properly


Hormone free


Latex free condoms available for allergy sufferers


The right size for everyone available


Vasectomy: The surgical procedure

Pearl index of vasectomy: 0.1 to 0.15

Vasectomy or sterilization is the second commonly known method of contraception for men. It is about as effective and safe as the female pill (Pear index of 0.1 to 0.9), but is a final decision against having children.

This is because although vasectomy in men can often be reversed with vasovasostomy, the chance of subsequent fertilization is low.

The chance of success with refertilization (as the process is called) is still very high in the first 3 years after the vasectomy at over 90%, but as the time progresses it continues to decrease. After 10 to 15 years, it is then around 70%.

Even if the refertilization was successful, it is still possible that the functionality of the testicles and thus sperm production will not be restored.

If you are willing to accept these possible consequences and have the wherewithal for the relatively risk-free, quick surgery, you can enjoy maximum feeling and security afterwards.

Advantages of vasectomy

Disadvantages of vasectomy

Permanent protection against pregnancy

Requires surgery

Extremely safe

Mistakes can occur during surgery

One time cost

Very expensive (up to 600 euros)

Can often be reversed

Does not protect against STI's

Relatively risk-free, quick surgery

No guarantee of success that it can be reversed


Even if reversed successfully, chances of successful fertilization decrease dramatically the longer the vasectomy was in place


Chronic pain and psychological effects are possible


Reversal costs several thousand euros


Andro-Switch: The little known contraceptive ring

Pearl Index: N/A

The Andro-Switch is a ring made of platinum-catalyzed silicone that is placed around the penis. The scrotum is then also gently pulled through the ring, reducing the space for the testicles and lifting them into the body. There, the testicles are then heated to body temperature, killing the sperm.

Even if the idea makes you uncomfortable and can also be unfamiliar or unpleasant at the beginning, this is actually a natural process that is used here. This is because the testicles can generally always retract into the body if space becomes tight or they are pushed in that direction.

Therefore, this method of contraception is relatively easy for men to use, hormone and allergen free, and inexpensive to purchase.

On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to wear the ring for at least 15 hours a day, every day. Even if you haven't worn the Andro-Switch for just a single day, the manufacturer recommends using other contraceptive methods such as condoms and having a spermiogram done.

In addition, the spermiogram, i.e. the measurement of sperm in the ejaculate, should be repeated every 3 months.

The developers of this method have also developed the "slip contraceptif", a thermal contraceptive slip for men, which can be worn under the underwear and follows the same principle.



Relatively easy to use

Must be worn every day for at least 15 hours

Low initial cost

Requires regular checkups by physicians to ensure effectiveness


Does not protect against STI's

Quickly reversible

Man is considered unprotected/potentially procreative after only 24 hours without use


Use may be uncomfortable at first

5 sizes available

Should be worn during the day and only after consultation with doctors at night

Discreet wearing

Can only be used for a maximum of 4 years according to recent studies

Can be worn during sex

No undesirable side effects

Hot water: The hot bath

Pearl Index: N/A

To use this method of contraception for men, you need:

  • A special chair, with an open seat
  • A bowl with water
  • A switchable immersion heater with a built-in heat regulator
  • Small weights

The immersion heater is placed in the bowl of water, and set to 45 degrees Celsius. Then you weigh down your testicles with the small weights and sit on the chair for at least 45 minutes, so that your testicles can hang in the 45° hot water.

You must then do all this for at least 3 weeks at a time, every day, to achieve the desired effect.

This method is not really safe and does not protect against other STI's, which is why we would rather not recommend this method to you.

Unless maybe you combine it with your love play, are at home in the BDSM scene and use other contraceptives for women or men.



Hormone free

Inconvenient to use

Cheap to use

Not really safe

Extremely time consuming

Does not protect against STI's

Can be extremely uncomfortable

New alternative contraceptive methods for men

In addition to these contraceptive methods, there are a few new alternative contraceptive methods for men that are still in development at the moment.

Since the male contraceptive pill approach or birth control injections are not being actively pursued at the moment, we'll leave them out this time, but we don't want to deprive you of the other means.

Vasalgel - contraception by injection

Pearl Index: N/A

Vasalgel or Reversive inhibition of sperm under guidance (RISUG) method is a special gel that is injected into the vas deferens of men with the help of a syringe. There, the gel and the moisture create a positive charge that makes the sperm negatively charged and thus immobile as they pass through.

The good thing about this method is that it does not affect the functioning of the testicles and minimizes the risk of infertility.

A single injection is said to provide contraception for up to 10 years and can be easily removed with a second injection if a desire to have children does arise.

In terms of safety, this method is said to be as safe as the pill for women.

However, as with all contraceptives except the condom, the Vasalgel does not protect against infection with other STIs.

At the end of July 2022, it was announced that the company NEXT Life Sciences, Inc. should complete the development of Vasalgel and bring it to market. Unfortunately, it is not known when that will be.

Potential advantages

Known disadvantages


Not yet on the market

Easily reversible

Reversibility not yet finally confirmed

Small outpatient procedure

Does not protect against STI's

No impairment of testicular function

Permanent contraception up to 10 years

Since January 2024, Vasalgel has been undergoing further development under the name "Plan A" and it is expected that the first products could be available from 2026.

Sperm Switch - The switch to flip

Pearl Index: N/A

The Sperm Switch or the "Bimek SLV (seminal vein valve)" is a small device that is surgically inserted into a man's vas deferens. It then stays there long term and can be turned on or off by flipping a switch, like a light switch.

Only in that case, it's more like pregnant or not pregnant.

The valve is about as small as a gummy bear, is hormone free, and is also supposed to be completely safe.

The valve stops the semen, but not the rest of the ejaculation, which is why nothing changes during sex itself. The stopped semen is then simply reabsorbed by the body, similar to a vasectomy.

At the moment, it is impossible to say when the development of the Sperm Switch will be completed.

Potential advantages

Known disadvantages

Permanent, lifelong contraception

Not yet on the market

Reversible in seconds

Does not protect against STI's

Very safe

Surgery required for insertion

Hormone free

Only a small outpatient procedure needed

Coso Contraception

Pearl Index: N/A

Coso Contraception is a small ultrasound device that is filled with a little water and then the testicles are placed in it.

When used regularly, the device destroys the semen without affecting the functionality of the testicles themselves.

The application is supposed to be simple and with only 15 minutes duration, in regular intervals, also very short, which makes it extremely user-friendly. The plan is to create an app in addition to the device that will remind, track and stop use.

If the use is interrupted or not continued, the man may already be able to procreate again after a few months.

The exact development status is currently unknown, but since Coso Contraception has already won numerous awards and received quite a bit of attention, it seems to be doing well.

Potential advantages

Known disadvantages

Easy to use

Still under development

Relatively small time commitment

Does not protect against STI's

Permanent contraception

Requires regular use


Easily reversible


No medical intervention necessary

Conclusion of contraceptives for men

The choice of contraceptives for men is still very limited and for some of them you need to be able to suffer or be sure that you don't want to have children anymore.

We are curious to see how the development of the new permanent and hormone-free contraceptive methods for men progresses, but it is always important to note that they do not provide protection against STDs.

This means especially if you have regularly changing partners, you should always have a suitable condom at hand.

If you haven't found your perfect condom size yet, you can find out the right condom size for you in 4 easy steps in this article.

Looking to the future - Will there soon be a birth control pill for men?

Current research into male contraception is also moving in the direction of a contraceptive pill for men. In the journal "Nature Communications ", researchers report on their latest research findings on needs-based male contraception:

The researchers have shown that inhibition of soluble adenylyl cyclase (sAC), which is essential for sperm motility and final formation, leads to temporary infertility in mice, for example. A single dose of an sAC inhibitor rendered male mice temporarily infertile without affecting their normal mating behavior. Full fertility returned the next day. This method could provide a safe and effective option for on-demand male contraception in the future.

Of course, research here is still a long way from a clinically tested product and approval, so a final product is not yet in sight. Nevertheless, this is certainly an exciting development in terms of contraceptive options for men. At the same time, it must be mentioned that this product would still only protect against unwanted pregnancies and not against sexually transmitted diseases, which are unfortunately on the increase. A condom remains the first choice here, as it offers protection against both.

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