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Luxembourg leads Europe in contraception

With a score of 94.2%, Luxembourg has topped the European contraceptive ranking of the "European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual & Reproductive Rights", closely followed by the UK, France and Belgium. The Contraception Atlas 2024 compiles its ranking based on an evaluation of each country's government policy on access to contraceptives, family planning advice and the provision of online information on contraception.

Europe is still characterized by significant differences in contraception policy between Eastern and Western Europe. The"Contraception Policy Atlas 2024" reveals the discrepancies: While Western European countries such as Luxembourg (94.2%), the UK (94.1%), France (93.2%) and Belgium (91.1%) rank highly in terms of providing comprehensive access to contraceptives and counseling, Eastern European countries such as Poland (33.5%), Hungary (40.0%) and Armenia (40.7%) are at the lower end of the spectrum.

Countries such as the Netherlands (81.1%), Sweden (77.1%) and Germany (75.1%) remain in the top third. Austria (61.7%), Switzerland (58.3%) and Italy (57.3%) are in the middle.

Luxembourg's initiative to fully cover the costs of contraceptives without age limits (except for condoms) from April 1, 2023 not only makes the country stand out in Europe, but also represents a stark contrast to the situation in Eastern Europe. In some countries, access to modern contraceptive methods, the provision of information and social acceptance of contraception remain major challenges. Poland in particular, with a ranking far below the European average, illustrates the need for political and social reforms in this area.

Several countries in Europe cover costs

The atlas evaluates a total of 46 countries in Europe and shows that although 22 countries partially cover the cost of certain contraceptives and 44 countries offer counseling through the national health system, the quality and availability of these services vary greatly. While in Western Europe the reimbursement of contraceptive costs is often given, at least for selected contraceptives and certain age groups, and access to counseling is widespread, Eastern European countries struggle with limited availability, high costs and a lack of information.

In addition to Luxembourg, France is another example of cost coverage: since 2022, the costs of contraceptives for women up to the age of 25 have been covered by health insurance, and since 2023, condoms have also been available free of charge in pharmacies for French women up to the age of 25. There is something similar in the UK.

Luxembourg's leadership in this area underlines the importance of political support and investment in sexual and reproductive health. The Grand Duchy's example shows that progress is possible when governments prioritize and allocate resources accordingly.

Gap between Eastern and Western Europe

The gap between Eastern and Western Europe in the area of contraceptive policy reminds us that there is still much to be done. Continued efforts are needed to ensure that everyone in Europe has access to the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions about their own reproductive health.

Luxembourg's pioneering role and the work of organizations such as Planning Familial are inspiring examples of how commitment and political support can bring about significant improvements in sexual and reproductive health. It is hoped that other countries will follow suit to overcome the discrepancies in contraceptive policy and create a Europe where everyone has the right to free and informed choice in family planning.

Protection should also play a role

In addition to contraception, we believe that protection against sexually transmitted diseases should also play a role. Unfortunately, many contraceptives do not provide sufficient protection against sexually transmitted diseases and these have been on the rise again in recent years. Although it is great when contraceptives are available free of charge, if condoms are not included, as in the example of Luxembourg, then protection against sexually transmitted diseases is unfortunately not provided. There is also little focus on hormonal side effects here, with the contraceptive pill being promoted as the main option. However, more and more people are justifiably rejecting hormonal side effects.

How you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases

Suitable condoms available in Europe

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