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Condom Sizes: Condoms Tailor-made for you

Choosing the correct size condom can be a daunting experience - how do you know what size is the right one for your penis? Do you measure girth or length? And how do you ensure the condom is on correctly? With our Mister Size condoms, you can choose from seven different condom sizes so your penis is always wearing the right sized condom - we like to think of it as your own personal tailor-made condom. You also have the added bonus of condoms being hormone-free, so you don’t have to experience any unnecessary side-effects that you can occasionally get with other contraceptives.

With this in mind, let’s find out why you should find your perfect fitted condom, how to find your tailor-made condom, the benefits of wearing a perfect fitting condom, what condom sizes are available? And how do I put a condom on correctly?

Why you should find your tailor-made condom

Choosing the right sized condom may not seem like a priority when you’re adding them to your basket, however, wearing the right sized condom is actually really important. If you’re not wearing the right size condom during sexual activity you are inadvertently putting yourself at risk of both catching sexually transmitted infection as well as a risk of pregnancy. Condoms that are too loose may slip off during sex, whilst those that are too tight may break more easily - which will not only prevent you from wanting to wear one, but may also make the sexual experience less enjoyable. So while you may opt to buy ‘regular’ sized condoms because they ‘fit’ - it doesn’t mean they are comfortable, ensuring the highest protection or giving you the best sexual pleasure. 

Mister Size is passionate that condoms should be both comfortable, well-protected and give you your best sex. Finding a tailor-made condom is a really easy process - condom sizes are based on the width and length of an erect penis, so it’s these two things that are measured. Once you have the correct measurements of your penis, you can then purchase a tailor-made condom just for you. Mister Size condoms come in seven different sizes - a bigger selection than the majority of other condom brands, therefore allowing you to find your perfect fitted condom.

Looking to try before you buy? During October, November & December, you can complete a form with your penis measurements to receive a FREE 3 tester pack of condoms which includes three different sized condoms for you to test and trial to find the perfect fit.

How to find your tailor-made fitted condom

There are a few ways of measuring your penis to find your tailor-made fitted condom. Firstly, you can use our free PDF measuring template. This can be printed out in the comfort of your own home, cut out and placed around the middle part of your penis. This will then give you the correct size for your tailor-made fitted condom.

If you don’t have access to a printer you could also use a measuring tape and measure the length and width of your penis in mm to help decide which pack to purchase. Your penis will need to be erect when the measuring is done - as if you measure the penis when flaccid, you may end up buying the wrong size condom.  More details about measuring without a printer you can find here.

Can you also add in here about the ‘Condom Sizer’ calliper tool which Mister Size offer - see here.

Benefits of wearing a tailor-made Mister Size condom

There are many benefits to wearing a Mister Size tailor-made condom - here are a few of our favourite:

  • 100% Vegan Condoms
  • Hormone-free with no side effects
  • Triple-protection from sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy and HIV
  • Enhances the sexual experience by making it more pleasurable
  • Ultra Thin, Natural Feel - - Barely noticeable that you are wearing one, plus it increases the intimacy with your partner
  • You are in control of your own contraception
  • Condoms are tested and certified, giving you full confidence in protection 

What condom sizes are available?

Choosing a condom is like choosing a smart jacket or a nicely fitted dress. Too big and you’ll feel like you’re drowning in it and too tight and it will feel uncomfortable and prevent you from wearing it. We know penises come in different shapes and sizes, which is why we’ve designed seven unique and different sizes so you can feel confident knowing your penis is wearing a tailor-made suit that’s been specially made just for you.

We have condoms for those who prefer a more slender condom, to those who prefer something a little bigger - so if you've had trouble wearing a condom in the past, you can put that all aside and all safe love-making can continue. Our condoms start from a width of 47mm going all the way up to 69mm while being ultra-thin, at only 0.05mm  - which means although you’re wearing a condom, you still have all the same sensitivity during sexual activity as if you weren't wearing one.

Mister Size 47mm

Although this is the smallest of our seven sizes, it’s no mean the least powerful. Having a tailor-made condom in this size penis enables more flexibility during sexual activity with easier movement for experimenting with different positions - increasing pleasure and satisfaction not only for you but also for your partner!

Mister Size 49mm

Benefiting from a more slender penis? Then this condom is for you. With a secure and snug fit, you’ll be able to create more moments of pure satisfaction for your penis size. Not only that, having a penis that’s more slender enhances your oral sex experience as it means your partner may be able to go down that little bit deeper…

Mister Size 53mm

If you’ve been wearing standard sized condoms, then our Mister Size 53 will be the perfect companion for you. While standard sizes usually come in 54mm - this condom offers you a more snugger fit - for extra reassurance while maintaining the same comfort and protection.

Mister Size 57mm

With a 4mm increase from our ‘standard style’ condom, this one offers you that little bit more room - perfect for those that may have been put off previously as other condoms have felt too tight. With a condom that feels as comfortable as this, you can put all your effort and attention on having a truly satisfying orgasm.

Mister Size 60mm

For those with a slightly bigger penis, we have something truly special. We know that having such a slightly bigger penis may occasionally have its drawbacks - especially when choosing a condom that feels comfortable. This is why we have designed this one especially with you in mind - so you can spend your time concentrating on handling that power-machine to achieve the most powerful orgasms.

Mister Size 64mm

Felt the pinch of a tightly-fitted condom? Then it’s possible you’ve been wearing the wrong size condom this whole time. Wearing a condom that is the wrong size for your penis size can make it harder to achieve an erection or even a satisfying orgasm. With our Mister Size 64mm condom, you’ll be able to finally relax and keep that erection and rhythm going even stronger…

Mister Size 69mm

Sometimes a 64mm condom is just not enough, and those with a larger penis often have trouble finding a condom that fits comfortably. So if you have a penis that is on the slightly larger size, our Mister Size 69mm will bring you peace of mind, knowing that you can focus on experiencing moments of intensity and pleasure - but with the added knowledge that your prized man-hood is fully protected. 

How do I put a condom on correctly?

  1. Always read the instructions.
  2. Check the condom is not damaged and that the condom is in date.
  3. Open the packet carefully and put the condom the correct way up - the teat needs to be upright.
  4. On an erect penis, squeeze the teet of the condom before placing it over the penis.
  5. Roll the condom down the entire length of the penis, making sure the penis is completely covered.

Don’t forget, you can complete a form with your penis measurements to receive a FREE 3 tester pack which includes three different sized condoms for you to test and trial to find your perfect fit.

Mister Size
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